Circular materials

Sun Juju in packaged in aluminium because, unlike plastic, 75-90% of aluminium is recycled. Only 9% of plastic is recycled world wide. 

Plastic loses its quality the more times it's recycled — making it unsuitable for being repurposed as single-use products. Aluminium on the other hand, can be recycled infinitely without losing its integrity. 

1% of profits to plant kelp

Kelp is a promising solution to economic, climate and biodiversity problems we face.

Sequestering carbon faster than trees, it restores biodiversity in ocean dead zones and balances PH levels in our increasingly acidic oceans. 

It requires no fresh water, dry land or fertiliser to grow and can be used to make plastics, pharmaceuticals and biofuels. When fed to livestock, it can even reduce the amount of methane cows produce.

Rich in B12 and Omega 3, it's a promising sustainable alternative industry and form of sustenance for small fishing villages that will soon need to pivot as the sea continues to run out of fish due to industrialised overfishing.

Sun Juju donates 1% of profits to the Climate Foundation to plant kelp and support this incredible promising new industry that can assist in regenerating our oceans and cool the climate while providing food and jobs.