Is Sun Juju vegan?

Yes, Sun Juju is made entirely from plant based ingredients.

Is Sun Juju TGA Approved?

Yes, Sun Juju is TGA approved. Sunscreen is considered a medicine in Australia and therefore has the world’s strictest standards for sunscreen.

Where is it made?

Our formula is made in Australia and our first round of tins are sourced in China. We are planning to source our next round of tins in Australia so the product is 100% Australian made.

Is Sun Juju all natural?

We’re all about the power of plants, but just because something is natural doesn’t mean it’s always safe and just because something is a chemical, doesn’t always mean it’s harmful. It’s about the individual ingredient, it’s about the dose. Sun Juju is non-toxic. We prefer this term as some natural substances can be toxic too. Our ingredients are either natural, or naturally derived and are kind to our skin and the reefs. Sun Juju’s non-greasy feel is thanks to an intelligent formula combining natural ingredients, with gentle skin science — giving it a texture like body butter that’s easy to spread with zero greasy residue. We believe the most protective sunscreen for our planet and our skin is the one you want to wear every day.

Why is Sun Juju packaged in a aluminium instead of glass?

Aluminium has less of an environmental footprint than glass. It’s heavier, requiring more carbon to transport. Like glass, producing aluminium does have an impact on the earth — which is why we use recycled aluminium. 75% of all aluminium ever created is still in use today.

Will you do refillable sunscreen?

In Australia, sunscreen is considered a medicine and so refilling is not allowed.

Do you ship Internationally?

At the moment we don’t because we don’t want the carbon miles to undo all our great work. We will wholesale to a few select stores overseas where you can get your Sun Juju in the meantime and will release this stockist list come September when we launch. If you’d like to suggest a store near you, please email us at ella@sunjuju.com.au

Is your sunscreen made from non-nano zinc oxide

There is no such thing as non-nano powder. Even the beach sand contains nano particles. The material we use has the majority of particle distribution around the micronized size. In any heterogenous system there will be particles of different sizes including those below 100mm, for example if you take a litre of beach sand there will a very small percentage of nano particles similarly sugar or salt would contain some,  it’s unavoidable. Therefore, “non-nano” is not strictly true and more preferable will be a statement “manufactured from micronised zinc oxide. Sun Juju does not contain any ingredients known to be reef unsafe