Zinc, a natural collagen booster

While chemical sunscreens are increasingly being recalled for traces of benzene, zinc sunscreens continue to offer harmless sun protection for both reefs and humans. Beyond sun protection, it has lesser known abilities for smoothing fine lines and keeping skin plump and glowing.

When applied topically, zinc has been found to increase collagen and elastin — two compounds that slowly diminish as our skin ages. This subsequently smooths out the appearance of fine lines. Zinc is an essential micronutrient for the body and when applied topically, can also provide antioxidant properties that prevent UV damage. 

When layered on top of your skincare as the last step in your routine, it can lock in moisture and assist with cell regeneration, evening skin tone and fighting acne-causing bacteria. Applying zinc based SPF daily offers more than just sun protection — it’s another form of skincare in itself.

How to layer your SPF

The rule of thumb with layering skincare is to start with the most lightweight products and end with the heaviest. So after cleansing, apply your serums, then your oils, or moisturiser before letting your skin dry for a minute before layering up with Sun Juju and the added benefits that Zinc and Kakadu Plum provides.

A couple of notes on applying Sun Juju 

SPF in a plastic-free tin is unique and therefore a little less second nature to apply to begin with. For the best and easiest application, keep one tin at home and one in your bag for the beach that you don’t mind getting sandy (as all things do at the beach). For the face, scoop half a teaspoon with clean hands and rub between your palms before applying to your face, to help it spread more easily and leave little to no white cast.