Earthcore: The Mysterious World of Bioluminescent Mushrooms

When you dig a little deeper into the natural world and all its wonders, there’s little need for fairytales. The subtle glow of bioluminescent mushrooms is just one natural phenomenon that gives very Alice in Wonderland energy.

There are 80 kinds in the world, made up of the same substance in bioluminescent plankton and fireflies. They hide in caves, adorn trees and even swamps.

One such species is the ghost mushroom. It resides in the forests of The South Australia and Tasmania, lighting up the base of trees like fairy staircases.

Although 900 species on earth have gone extinct in the last five centuries, the fact 65% of our planet remains unexplored is a source of solace. A reminder of the many secrets nature still keeps that might be as — if not more wonderful — as bioluminescent mushrooms.