How kelp can heal the planet

Seaweed is the unsung hero of the environment. Every second breath we breathe is thanks to seaweed. It provides 54% of the world’s oxygen and grows up to 30cm per day, sequestering carbon even faster than trees.

That’s just the beginning of its potential to regenerate the planet. The heat resistant strains are able to grow in ocean dead zones and restore habitats and biodiversity, as well as cooling local temperatures.

It can be used to make biofuelplanted to protect coastlines from increasing natural disasters and provide food for the 9 billion people that will inhabit the planet by 2040.

The strain of kelp that's shown resistance to rising temperatures is currently being studied and planted by organisations like the Climate Foundation who coined the term ‘marine permaculture’ to describe the act of farming kelp for regeneration purposes.

While seaweed has such incredible potential to restore and cool our oceans, this is a solution that will only buy us time, unless we get a handle on our carbon output and global warming. 

To do this, we need to keep carbon in the ground. Meaning not digging it up for fossil fuels or to make plastic. 

On an individual level, we can help the cause by putting pressure on our local MP’s with letters and divesting from fossil fuels by choosing climate friendly banks and superannuation funds

Additionally, we can support truly sustainable brands who avoid using plastic packaging that's made from fossil fuels. Reducing our plastic consumption helps keep carbon in the ground and maintains the earth's temperature.

5% of Sun Juju's profits go towards the Climate Foundation to plant kelp, to contribute towards ocean regeneration.