The benefits of simplifying your skin routine

Skincare as we know it today is an immense, multi-dimensional world. It’s full of contradictory information, gimmicky products and hyperbolic promises. I’ve never been one for complicated skin routines.

At one point though, I did let myself get influenced by all the noise. I tried a more ‘advanced’ routine for fear I’d age faster if I didn’t. But even despite getting momentarily fearful of my aging face, in the end I decided to trust the fact that it didn’t resonate with me or make sense for a reason. I believe the whole industry is more complicated than it needs to be.

Our skin and our bodies are self-sustaining and highly intelligent organisms. I think it’s better to glow from the inside out than anything else with fruits, veggies, a few potent oils on your skin and then after that, surrender and let my face age how it’s supposed to. I’d rather learn to learn to love and accept that natural process —simultaneously helping to shift that cultural narrative — than spend my life trying to resist it. That just sounds like a whole lot of wasted energy on an uphill battle. 

So in the end I returned to what felt most aligned with my own need for simplicity and haven’t looked back. For me, that looks like a daily oil cleanse and moisturising/massaging my face with the same oil before SPF. Then twice a week or when my skin needs it; I use konjac sponge and surfactant based cleanser to remove excess dirt and buildup. 

If you also feel the call to simplify your skin routine, let this be your sign to listen to yourself instead of your friends or the ‘experts’ about what’s best for your skin. There’s no right or wrong way to start simplifying. But here are a few things you could ask yourself to get started: 

  1. What products do I feel I could take away and not notice a difference to my skin? 
  2. How many of these products am I actually using right now? 
  3. If I had to take away 80% of these products, which ones would I keep? 
  4. What parts of my skin routine do I enjoy the most? 
  5. Is there anything I’d like to achieve with my skin that food, supplements and hydration could help with?
  6. What's the current condition of my skin and therefore what are the core products I actually need right now?

Go forth and simplify!