Sit spot: how to find yours

The sit spot is a refuge from the cadence of modern life. A place in nature that a person can revisit on a regular basis to unwind and recharge. It helps build a habit of spending more time outside — an important and overlooked aspect of wellbeing. Nothing unwinds the body and mind quite as much as an hour spent in quiet natural surroundings. 

Image by Eyes as Big as Plates


The perfect sit spot is a place that’s accessible regularly, is quiet and feels safe to be in so you can relax while you’re there. It could be a hidden part of a local beach, a hot spring, your own garden, a waterfall, a grassy spot on an ocean cliff, or a park under a tree. Once you’ve found yours, commit to a regular time-slot. It could be monthly or weekly, whatever is doable.

Image by Wai Lin Tse

What do you do once you’ve found your sit spot?

How time is passed in your sit spot is completely up to the individual. It could be anything from napping, reading, drawing, writing, crocheting, meditating, doing some yoga stretches or doing absolutely nothing — whatever feels good and gets the body and mind to relax. 

The more often you visit, the more naturally drawn you’ll feel to keep returning to that peaceful place to unwind. The idea is to build the habit of taking yourself from indoors to outdoors regularly. It’s not only crucial for holistic wellbeing, but acts as a reminder of our existing connection to the natural world that we're so inextricably part of. 

Image by Ben Rayner