Leisure Muses: Elders of Italy (A moodboard)

Dragging your chair across the floor to face the sun. An alfresco table for one. Stealing a moment to do nothing but sip espresso and watch people do stuff. Languoring over booze-fuelled lunches, picking shining olives with one hand, gesticulating the other. These are the hallmarks of life in Italy.

It’s the elders of Italy in particular, we can channel when looking for ways to slow life’s speedy pace. They’re past the point of giving a fuck and too old not to squeeze the juice from every moment. May this be the visual inspiration you needed, to seek this same kind of serenity and take a little longer to do whatever you’re doing today.

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Above: Italian sun-worship courtesy of the fabulous nonna above. It is no wonder Italy is home to one of the world’s Blue Zones. One of seven places with the oldest living people. When you’re this relaxed, you could live forever.

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Above: Solo alfresco. Doctor turned holistic health educator Lisa Rankin referenced Sardinia (Italy’s blue zone) when making a case about true holistic health. She believes it’s not just about diet, but community, connection and a whole slew of other things too. She built this concept out like a wheel. In this holistic system, some things (strong community) could cancel others out (pasta-heavy diet) — which explains why some whisky-a-day drinkers live well past 100. Saluti!

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Above: what true success looks like.

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Above: When you don’t always need to go hard at the gym. A gentle workout can be the down time you need.

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Above: A bikini lunch. Working remotely in a bikini is also recommended to stay in touch with your leisure-loving-self.

Above: Cards with friends.

Above: More leisure inspo: city wandering

Above: Floating into bliss. Inspiration for your next beach excursion.

Above: Summer must haves. Always keep crossword and an icy pole handy.