Leisure Muse: Holly Sunday on Flexible Travel and Unwinding Outside

Holly is the amazing lived-experience eating disorder recovery coach behind Hi Beautiful. When she isn't coaching, she's making the most of the flexibility her job affords her on the road. Recently spending a few weeks in Bali, she's back and shares with us her travel hacks, favourite ways to unwind outside and the many ways she's been using Universal Oil

What were up to in Bali? 

Some work but mostly pleasure. Between surfing and relaxo time, I was running my business with a lush, new outlook. 

What are three things you never travel without? 

Versatile mini dresses, digestive enzymes (no time for Bali belly) + fresh journal 

What's your favourite way to travel?

With flexi structure, I think balance here is key - social time, marg's of an eve but also nourishing meals, early-ish mornings and some quality self loving time. 


How do you welcome the day while travelling?

I welcome traveling days with a bunch of solo time. The morning time is how I create grounding and stability in my days, particularly when traveling, when there is naturally less predictable structure. 

So my travel mornings will likely start with a 20+ min meditation and probably an early walk, exploring new places before the masses awake is always pretty spesh.  

What about when at home? 

I try to follow the baseline of doing something for my mind, body and soul every morning. It's a flexible structure depending on what I feel is needed that certain day. This would include - meditation, stretching, 10 minutes or journaling or reading from bed, then either beach walk, swim or surf. 

What's your favourite way to unwind outside?

Easy peasy, direct sunlight and a page flipping novel. 

Do you have any rituals/routines you do before bed?

Again, I’m flexi but a few things that are consistent - no phone time an hour before bed, probably a sweet snack, skin-care, dim lights, and a few pages of a book. 

What are you using Universal Oil for at the moment?

  • Body oil
  • Face oil 
  • Hair oil 
  • After sun 
  • Make up remover
  • Eye serum (I put it on reusable eye jellies and put them in the freezer overnight - this is actually amazing after a long flight)
  • Used to reduce a nasty scar 

When traveling, I wanted to reduce the amount of products I need, so naturally choosing products that are very versatile is an easy decision.