Kakadu Plum, nature's most potent source of Vitamin C

Considered a gift of dreamtime in First Nations culture, Gubine, or Kakadu Plum has the highest recorded levels of Vitamin C in the world — 100 times more than an orange. They’ve been used for thousands of years as food and medicine. When ingested, it is highly antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and healing for cuts or infections. These same benefits are what have made it such an exciting ingredient in skincare. 

So what can it do for the skin? 

Protects from free radicals, pollutants and UV

In the skincare world it’s widely agreed that Vitamin C is the most important antioxidant to apply to your skin every morning. It shields the skin from environmental pollutants and oxidative stress, stimulating collagen growth to keep the skin naturally glowing. Even with sunscreen, you’re not fully protected from the effects of sun damage unless wearing it alongside an antioxidant.

Reduces pigmentation

Evolving to survive the harsh conditions of the Australian outback means Kakadu Plum lends its amazing abilities to protect itself from the effects of sun rays. 

It also contains an active nutrient called ellagic acid, which helps to reduce hyperpigmentation, giving your skin a more even tone.

Healing for acne and inflammatory skin disorders

Kakadu Plum contains the antibacterial properties of both gallic and ellagic acid, which assists in strengthening the skin barrier. It also provides anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, which is healing for people with inflammatory skin problems like acne or rosacea.