Six Ways To Spend More Time Outside This Winter

Although those in the northern hemisphere would scoff at how mild an Australian winter is, as the days get crisper — the temptation to sleep in and stay cosy at home is still hard to resist. But the benefits of nature, fresh air and salt water await us in the cooler months as well. Below are ideas to keep you enjoying the outdoors this season. 

1. Running - There's nothing more invigorating for the body and mind in the cooler months than embracing the chill with a brisk run along your favourite trail or coastline. 

2. Surfing - Wetsuit season is upon us and at this point, we all know the science about the incredible life-enhancing benefits of cold water swims. Cooler temperatures mean feeling even fresher when you get out of the water too. 

3. Tennis - Daylight savings may have hit and shortened the window for evening runs and surfs, but the tennis court never sleeps. If you're a beginner, grab a racket from the op-shop and enjoy the brisk air and friendly matches with friends.

4. Hikes - Hiking is much better suited to the cooler months. There's nothing worse than hiking under the harsh summer sun. Overcast skies make for a much friendlier experience, allowing you to actually stop and enjoy the rugged beauty of nature, the crisp air and beautiful views along the way.

5. Cosy beach walks - If you’re feeling lazy but still need some fresh air, one of our favourite cosy winter activities is a morning beach walk with a warm jumper on and a cup of coffee or cacao in hand

6. Cooking on the fire - Spice up a regular night in by investing in a fire pit and some campfire grills. Light a fire in the backyard and get your favourite protein and veg on the BBQ to bring the feeling of camping home.