Five Upcycled Gift Wrapping Ideas

With Christmas around the corner, we’ve put together a few simple and earth-friendly ideas for gift wrapping this season with things you likely already have lying around the house. 

1. Furoshiki with leftover fabrics 

If you’ve got an old sheet, sarong, scarf or old shirt lying around, experiment with the Japanese art of Furoshiki to wrap your gifts. 

2. Brown paper bags 

It’s more common these days to find supermarkets supplying paper bags at checkout for when you forget your reusables. Keeping these aside for Christmas wrapping is a great low-waste and low cost idea that’s good for stamping/writing on to add your personal touch. 

3. Old maps or newspaper

Think of other corners of your house that might have paper lying around. It could be an old map or newspaper that you can jazz up with reusable ribbons and twine. 

4. Botanical decorations from the garden or bulk shop 

Wrap your gifts with natural elements from the garden, things like rosemary,  dried or pressed flowers, pinecones (if they’re in your area), or pretty leaves. Even dried oranges and star anise from your local bulk food shop. For ribbons, use things like twine or raffia. 

5. Plantable paper cards or wrapping 

Plantable paper cards are a great alternative to standard cards that you can plant to add value to your garden later on. Whether it’s flowers to invite more pollinators, or herbs that will save you money.