“The term regeneration is more descriptive than sustainability, in that it suggests the need to focus on not just sustaining, but replenishing the planet’s resources.” — Ella Liascos, Founder

Why reef safe sunscreen shouldn’t be packaged in plastic

Micro-plastics are the the new threat to our reefs. An estimated 11.1 million billion plastic items are entangled in coral reefs. 

With your help, we want make plastic sunscreen packaging a thing of the past, along with the 14,000 tonnes of toxic chemicals that enter our oceans annually, contributing to reef bleaching, loss of biodiversity and ocean warming.

Only 9% of plastic is recycled worldwide, which is why we choose to package Sun Juju in aluminium tins. 75-90% of all aluminium ever created is still in use today.

5% to plant kelp

Sun Juju donates 5% to the Climate Foundation’s marine permaculture project to plant kelp. Kelp soaks up carbon faster than trees and repopulates dwindling ocean habitats. Soaking up sea carbon levels is important because the ocean regulates the earth’s temperature and absorbs 50 times more CO2 than the atmosphere.